To Live Godly


12 April 2019. Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Reflection (Sem. Glicerio T. Tano)

Many times, it has been easy for me to think that I am good person, kind, merciful, humorous, even in the religious sense. As long as I do not break the seminary rule, become committed in my personal prayers, and put in my heart the law of God, then I conclude that I am a good follower of Christ.  Yet, the measure that I am using is created by my own self and it is by that measure that I compare myself with and even judge others.

In the seminary, I used to judge other seminarians based on how they act externally. I judge them by what is visible to me, and I fail to see their real personality. When I see a seminarian who is not actively participating during community prayers, wasting his time by spending it in social media, and many other inappropriate things, I easily judge them as unfaithful seminarians. This is a challenge to me now to look in a different way so that I cannot judge others according to my own notion of good life, or shall I say, good way of living.

In the Gospel, Jesus invites me to examine my life and measure my way of living by which life must be measured, and that is to live according to the ways of God. Many times I am tempted to turn my back from God because I only want to follow my own desires in life. I thought that life is measured by satisfying my own desires, but I was wrong. I realize that it is not the will of God. Hence, I am called to live a God-like life and to do the works of God so that I may become a sign of God’s presence in this world.

The Gospel Today
John 10:31-42

The Jews picked up rocks to stone Jesus.
Jesus answered them, “I have shown you many good works from my Father.
For which of these are you trying to stone me?”
The Jews answered him,
“We are not stoning you for a good work but for blasphemy.
You, a man, are making yourself God.”
Jesus answered them,
“Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, ‘You are gods”‘?
If it calls them gods to whom the word of God came,
and Scripture cannot be set aside,
can you say that the one
whom the Father has consecrated and sent into the world
blasphemes because I said, ‘I am the Son of God’?
If I do not perform my Father’s works, do not believe me;
but if I perform them, even if you do not believe me,
believe the works, so that you may realize and understand
that the Father is in me and I am in the Father.”
Then they tried again to arrest him;
but he escaped from their power.

He went back across the Jordan
to the place where John first baptized, and there he remained.
Many came to him and said,
“John performed no sign,
but everything John said about this man was true.”
And many there began to believe in him.

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