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8 June 2019. Saturday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Reflection (Sem. Rodel D.O. Aclan)

One of our former priest formators in the seminary would always remind us that we should not be afraid to commit mistakes because if we do not commit mistakes we will not truly learn.  However, he said, we should not commit the same mistakes. When it happens, that is another story.

I had committed many mistakes here in the seminary. There were many times that I have to approach a brother or the formators in order to ask for pardon for the shortcoming I have done.  Each time was a humbling experience.   But through the help of the formators, I realized the root cause why I committed mistakes and sometimes, the same mistake.  I committed a mistake because I assumed.  I assumed that everything is  prepared.  I assumed that somebody else will do the task assigned to all of us.  I assumed that everything is well.

In the Gospel reading today, St. Peter assumed that Jesus would not allow the beloved disciple to die until he comes.  In our spiritual life, while we can assume that God loves us, we cannot assume that we are responding steadily to that love of God. We need to continuously examine ourselves if we are still walking in a path the leads to God.   Our spiritual journey towards God is a lifelong journey with Him.  God walks with us.  We can ask Him everything through our prayer and He will tell us what He wants from us.  Therefore, there is no need to assume.

The Gospel Today
Jn. 21: 20-25



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