Love Entails Sacrifice

08 September 2019. Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Reflection (Sem. Nikko D.J. Anore)

Sacrifice – that’s what we do for the people we love. This line from one of my favorite movies entitled “If I Stay”, tells that true love entails sacrifice. I remember the moment I decided to enter the seminary. I had a lot of doubts considering the several things I need to give up like a promising teaching career in a well-known university, a good salary and the possibility to create a complete family that I never had before. These are the factors that make me ask myself, “How eager am I to give up everything for the sake of love? And am I really ready to leave everything behind that I value in my life, just to be with the person I love the most?” Certainly these moments make me sad. But these are the times when I would follow my heart’s desire to heed the call of the Lord for me to become a priest and serve His people.

            There are points in my life that I am so blunt that I ask God, “Is this really the vocation that You want for me?,” Because Lord, “mahirap po.” If it is all up to me, I think I do not want to be your priest. But then I realize, there is no greater way to prove that you really love a person but through sacrifice. Just like how Jesus laid down His life for His love for us.

In today’s Reading Jesus is challenging us to foster an authentic kind of love, the kind of love that is patterned to His love; the kind of love that is not waiting for something in return. A kind of love that is willing to forget itself, a love that is prepared to sacrifice for others.

The Gospel Today

Luke 14: 25 – 33

Great crowds were traveling with Jesus,
and he turned and addressed them,
“If anyone comes to me without hating his father and mother,
wife and children, brothers and sisters,
and even his own life,
he cannot be my disciple.
Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after me
cannot be my disciple.
Which of you wishing to construct a tower
does not first sit down and calculate the cost
to see if there is enough for its completion?
Otherwise, after laying the foundation
and finding himself unable to finish the work
the onlookers should laugh at him and say,
‘This one began to build but did not have the resources to finish.’
Or what king marching into battle would not first sit down
and decide whether with ten thousand troops
he can successfully oppose another king
advancing upon him with twenty thousand troops?
But if not, while he is still far away,
he will send a delegation to ask for peace terms.
In the same way,
anyone of you who does not renounce all his possessions
cannot be my disciple.”

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