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17 September 2019. Tuesday of the Twenty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time

Reflection (Sem. Gerald M. Moscardon)

Nowadays, there are many personalities, groups, and even ideologies that have a certain “following” especially in social media. In a click of a button, one can already “follow” a certain celebrity or politician, band, or advocacy. We become instant followers and they become part of our daily online habit. We check the latest updates and we have to be in the know as if we are with them 24/7 and so they become part of our lives. What they believe, we start to believe. What they say, we start to listen and do. Who they are, we eventually become. But in reality, we barely know who or what we follow these days especially online. We get hooked in a belief; a world that is sometimes contradictory to what is the truth. We follow because we want to know the truth, but we see falsehood instead. We want to be alive and have life in us yet unknowingly, we follow death.

            In the Gospel today, a large crowd was following a widow who lost her son. They were following a man who was seized by death. They were mourning with the mother for to lose a son and a husband means death also to the woman, death in the Jewish society whose identity was dictated by the man in the family. But just outside the gates was another large crowd who was following a man filled with life. In fact, He is the source of life, Jesus. And when he saw the mother and the crowd in mourning because of death, He drew near to death and in a single touch, a single “click” so to speak, He transformed death into life. So, I ask myself, who do I follow? The crowd that followed a man touched by death or the crowd that followed the Man, who is the Touch of Life? Let us allow ourselves to be touched by Jesus in order to have life in us, free from the death of sin. So that in having life, we can also touch other people and bring the life of Christ to them. Let us reflect on who we click “like” and “follow” every day. Are they touched by death or are they touched by Jesus?

The Gospel Today

Luke 7: 11 – 17

Jesus journeyed to a city called Nain,
and his disciples and a large crowd accompanied him.
As he drew near to the gate of the city,
a man who had died was being carried out,
the only son of his mother, and she was a widow.
A large crowd from the city was with her.
When the Lord saw her,
he was moved with pity for her and said to her,
“Do not weep.”
He stepped forward and touched the coffin;
at this the bearers halted,
and he said, “Young man, I tell you, arise!”
The dead man sat up and began to speak,
and Jesus gave him to his mother.
Fear seized them all, and they glorified God, exclaiming,
“A great prophet has arisen in our midst,”
and “God has visited his people.”
This report about him spread through the whole of Judea
and in all the surrounding region.

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