The program of formation of HASS aims to bring about the integration of life and vision of its seminarians, as persons and as Christians, called late-in-life to a specific vocation and mission of sharing in the priesthood of the Eternal High Priest, Jesus Christ.

  Its primary objective is the development of the total person of the senior seminarian in the physical (body); academic/intellectual (mind); psychosocial (senses, feelings, imagination); moral – spiritual (spirit/will) dimensions of his being.

    To achieve this, the formation program of the Holy Apostles Senior Seminary makes an earnest effort to suit it to each individual’s (senior seminarian) specific needs.  It also hopes to build among the senior seminarians a community in which the necessary support is established to face the risks and struggles involved in the task of forming new values and attitudes necessary for their formation in the priesthood.  This includes enhancing their self-awareness and self-knowledge that will contribute to their personal growth, spiritual advancement, intellectual enrichment and pastoral development.

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