January 26, 2013

The Gospel Today

Memorial of Sts. Timothy and Titus

Mk. 3:20-21

Jesus came with his disciples into the house.
Again the crowd gathered,
making it impossible for them even to eat.
When his relatives heard of this they set out to seize him,
for they said, “He is out of his mind.”

Reflection (Sem. Ernie Sican):

As baptized Christians, we are called to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all so that they too who come to know and believe in Him may share in His glory in the life to come. Today’s Gospel is reminding us of such a noble and great task which we need to do whatever our situation in life is. The mission of proclaiming the good news is not easy that is why we are given the specific instruction to guide us in this endeavor.

The Gospel tells us that we have to go to places where Jesus Christ intends us to go. There is no doubt in our response to the call of proclaiming the good news but sometimes we have the tendency to answer the call in our own terms. We want to serve God, to be his laborers, but we choose the place or the assignment which is favorable to us. We cannot leave easily our comfort zones. We need to give up our personal preferences and allow God to lead us wherever He wants. This task is not about us but it is about God.

The task of proclaiming the good news is difficult and full of sufferings. That is why we are reminded that we are sent “like lambs into the midst of the wolves.” There is no guarantee of a happy and comfortable life when we answer the call. In fact, we should not look for those things because the call entails a lot of dying in ourselves. Our only consolation for doing the task is that, it is the work of the Lord and God is with us in this endeavor. Even in the midst of hardships and sufferings God will never abandon us. God is faithful to His promise that He will be with us until the end of time. We only need to hold on to God and put our trust in Him. Even in sufferings, we can still be happy because of God.

Another important reminder for us is to “carry no purse, no bag, no sandals” when we go on mission. The gospel is reminding us that we should not be overly concerned with the materials things that we need. God will provide because it is His work in the first place. Sometimes we become too attached to the material things to the point that they hinder us to respond genuinely to the call. Instead of being a help, they become a burden to the ministry. God alone suffices. Everything is important only in relation to God. Also we should not worry much as to the accomplishment of this task. God will empower us to accomplish His work according to His plan. He only needs our obedience like Jesus who became totally obedient to Him even until death. Amen.


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