April 2, 2014

The Gospel Today 

Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Lent

John 5:17-30

Jesus answered the Jews:
“My Father is at work until now, so I am at work.”
For this reason they tried all the more to kill him,
because he not only broke the sabbath
but he also called God his own father, making himself equal to God.

Jesus answered and said to them,
“Amen, amen, I say to you, the Son cannot do anything on his own,
but only what he sees the Father doing;
for what he does, the Son will do also.
For the Father loves the Son
and shows him everything that he himself does,
and he will show him greater works than these,
so that you may be amazed.
For just as the Father raises the dead and gives life,
so also does the Son give life to whomever he wishes.
Nor does the Father judge anyone,
but he has given all judgment to the Son,
so that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father.
Whoever does not honor the Son
does not honor the Father who sent him.
Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever hears my word
and believes in the one who sent me
has eternal life and will not come to condemnation,
but has passed from death to life.
Amen, amen, I say to you, the hour is coming and is now here
when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God,
and those who hear will live.
For just as the Father has life in himself,
so also he gave to the Son the possession of life in himself.
And he gave him power to exercise judgment,
because he is the Son of Man.
Do not be amazed at this,
because the hour is coming in which all who are in the tombs
will hear his voice and will come out,
those who have done good deeds
to the resurrection of life,
but those who have done wicked deeds
to the resurrection of condemnation.

“I cannot do anything on my own;
I judge as I hear, and my judgment is just,
because I do not seek my own will
but the will of the one who sent me.”

Reflection (Sem. Alejandro Pestano):

     Our Gospel today presented the very special relationship of Jesus to His Father.  For Jesus, “a son cannot do anything on his own but only what he sees his father is doing.”  It is the love for one another that unites the Father and the Son.  How beautiful it is to realize this relationship in us too.  In this kind of love there is no rivalry no competition but a kind of love that aspires for the good of another.  Each one complements the other and so what is lacking to the other may be filled by the another.

     I consider taking care of my father as a blessing especially on his last days, and this blessing is also what my other siblings received.  During those days I was able to deepen my relationship with him and I was able to get to know him more.  In many instances I would be talking to him, asking him about his teenage life, how he and Mama met.  I would even ask him about their theme song.  One significant moments that I had with my father was during the time of Habagat last August of 2013.  I was caught by the flood in our home and so I stayed there for several days.  During that time the nurses on duty cannot come to our home because of the flood and so I was the one who took care of him.  I monitored his vital signs and the flow of his dextrose and other medical needs which were supposedly done by his nurses.  My father was not showy of his feelings but during that time he would, at times, tell me what was aching or the part of his body that was painful.  I also had the opportunity to have a heart to heart talk with him and expressed how grateful I was to be his son.  I also asked for forgiveness for whatever wrongs I have done to him.  That time, I felt we were very close with each other.

     I can relate to the joy Jesus feels in the Gospel when he revealed to us the special relationship he has with His Father.  This was what I also felt with my father – I felt that I know Papa very well during that moment, as if there was a special connection between me and my father. That experience gave me the strength to easily accept his death, but honestly I still miss him.  I believe that this is also the invitation of Jesus to us.  The Father wants us to experience is love and so He sent His only Son, His beloved Son to fulfill that desire in us.  He wants us to deepen our relationship with Him.  The question now is, are we ready now to enter into a relationship or to a deeper relationship with the Father through His Son?  Are we ready or open to enter into a relationship with our brothers and sister without rivalry or competition?  Jesus is waiting for our response.

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