August 11, 2014

The Gospel Today

Memorial of St. Claire, Virgin

Matthew 17: 22-27

As Jesus and his disciples were gathering in Galilee,
Jesus said to them,
“The Son of Man is to be handed over to men,
and they will kill him, and he will be raised on the third day.”
And they were overwhelmed with grief.

When they came to Capernaum,
the collectors of the temple tax approached Peter and said,
“Does not your teacher pay the temple tax?”
“Yes,” he said.
When he came into the house, before he had time to speak,
Jesus asked him, “What is your opinion, Simon?
From whom do the kings of the earth take tolls or census tax?
From their subjects or from foreigners?”
When he said, “From foreigners,” Jesus said to him,
“Then the subjects are exempt.
But that we may not offend them, go to the sea, drop in a hook,
and take the first fish that comes up.
Open its mouth and you will find a coin worth twice the temple tax.
Give that to them for me and for you.”

Reflection (Sem. Eldlrick Peña):

The gospel is a prediction of the coming passion of Christ which made the disciples distressed.  Such reaction was the exact opposite of Christ’s calmness and resignation to the Father’s will for Him no matter how painful and difficult it is.

There are many instances in my life that I experience distress thinking that there is no end to the problems and woes that I experience.  As a result, I lose focus thinking that my problems are too big and complicated for me to handle.  I forget that there is a God who is bigger than my problems and who accompanies me through this journey.

Knowing that Christ journeys with me through my problems is enough consolation for me not to give up and continue on with my struggle.   Christ helps me to have that disposition and openness to accept the things that are happening to me on a positive manner.  He makes me see the opportunity in every difficulty and each problem encountered becomes a learning experience that will make me grow and deepen my relationship with Him.  I hope and I pray that I may always seek the will of the Father and to attune myself and my own will to what He wants.

Today, we celebrate the memorial of St. Clare.  When asked what she seeks, she said, it is God that she longs to see. May like St. Clare, may we always seek for God in the daily events in our lives.  Amen.

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