September 22, 2014

The Gospel Today

Monday of the Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time

Luke 8:16-18

Jesus said to the crowd:
“No one who lights a lamp conceals it with a vessel
or sets it under a bed;
rather, he places it on a lampstand
so that those who enter may see the light.
For there is nothing hidden that will not become visible,
and nothing secret that will not be known and come to light.
Take care, then, how you hear.
To anyone who has, more will be given,
and from the one who has not,
even what he seems to have will be taken away.”

Reflection (Sem. Al Pestaño):

As early as first semester, we are starting to review and prepare for our comprehensive examinations next year through our Dogmatic Synthesis Class.  The way we do our review is very taxing.  We need to submit a weekly paper that with the answer to all the questions with maximum page of 14 and minimum page of 7.  Although it is difficult, I still find it a good method of reviewing our lessons because I really have to make a research from all the theological and dogmatic sources in order to support my paper.  It is very informative.  There are other things that I have not learned or encountered in our past lessons in theology but because I have to do the research, I get to know and learn them.

The Gospel today speaks about putting the light on top of the lampstand and not below it so that those who will be entering may see the light.  The parable here may be connected to what I am experiencing now in our class in Dogmatic Theology.  A lot of knowledge and inputs have been given to me from the different subjects that I have taken in Theology and even up to now I still get them from the research work that I do.  As it says, “to one who has more will be given…” The invitation to me today is to share the knowledge that I learned by sharing it with to my brothers in the lower batches in our seminary.  This knowledge is what I will be using in my future ministry as a priest or even now in teaching my family, friends and relatives or even to other people whom I will meet about God.

God is so good that He allowed me to receive the gift of faith and knowledge about Him through our different classes in Theology.  That is why it is my responsibility to share this blessing to all.  I must use this gift of knowledge about Him for His greater glory especially as I do my share in defending our faith.  This God-given faith should not remain hidden but must be put on top so that others may see it and may also be blessed with the same gift of faith which I received.

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