October 11, 2014

The Gospel Today

Saturday of the Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time

Luke 11: 27- 28

While Jesus was speaking,
a woman from the crowd called out and said to him,
“Blessed is the womb that carried you
and the breasts at which you nursed.”
He replied, “Rather, blessed are those
who hear the word of God and observe it.”

Reflection (Sem. Wilbert Alivar):

During my home weekend, I spent time with my cousins, friends and the community in the parish. I attended the 9AM Mass, after that, I had a conversation with the members of the community. I was asking them for an update on what happened within our community especially the Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) that I belong. It’s been a while since I last saw them, a lot of things happened and I was very happy to see them again, even for a short period of time. Then one of them said “Ang swerte naman ng nanay mo, may nurse na anak. Ngayon, magpapari pa!”(You have a very lucky mother, she has a nurse and now he’s applying for priesthood!). I did not know how to react because my mother is against my decision to enter the seminary for priesthood, I explained to her that my decision of entering the seminary and submitting myself in the formation for priesthood was not an easy decision. I sacrificed the plan of my mother for me, I sacrificed and gave up my career and ambition in life for me to respond the calling and follow Christ. She started explaining herself why she said my mother is lucky even though I decided to enter the seminary, even though it was against her will. She said that my mother will eventually realize and will able to see that God’s plan is better than her plan.

I was silent after hearing that, she doesn’t know much about my mother and yet, her words were striking to me. My mother lives in Rome which we consider center of Catholicism and yet she is not a practising Catholic; she gives and have church visit only but do not receive communion. When she came here in the Philippines to celebrate her 60th birthday she was able to join me in the Eucharistic celebration but still did not receive communion. It seems to be it’s not a priority for her to go to church especially during Sundays. It was a bit sad for me to go on Sunday Mass without my mother, knowing she’s with me but she chooses to stay at home rather than go to church with me. One time we visited EDSA Shrine because I asked her that we need to go to church for a prayer, and when I took out my rosary, she seems to be allergic to my rosary. She doesn’t want me to pray the rosary inside the church considering we still have so much time. Most of the time, I include my mother in my prayers, that she will let God to work in her life. Now that my mother is back in Rome, Italy. It seems that it’s just ordinary for her to attend any liturgical activities of the church.

In the Gospel today, a woman from the crowd called out and said to Jesus, “Blessed is the womb that carried you and breasts at which you nursed.” As if she was saying how blessed Mary is as the Mother of Jesus that nurture him because Jesus during that time He was already famous because He was already doing His ministry like teaching the people, performing miracles such as healing the sick and driving out demons. But Christ did not deny His Mother, yet He reminds me that true blessedness is the one who hears the Word of God and observe it. It is a challenge for me considering my relationship with my mother but it is very clear to me as well that I might not have proper nourishment here on earth from my biological mother and father. And yet, I am truly blessed enough to have spiritual nourishment from my Father in Heaven and have intersession from my Mother Mary, the comforter of the afflicted.

I pray for all of the parents especially the mothers just like my mother to have a heart like Mary our Mother and Queen, that they may always humble themselves before God, and letting ourselves to be used as God’s instrument for His Greater Honour and Glory!

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