November 21, 2014

The Gospel Today

Memorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Luke 19:45-48

Jesus entered the temple area and proceeded to drive out
those who were selling things, saying to them,
“It is written, My house shall be a house of prayer,
but you have made it a den of thieves
And every day he was teaching in the temple area.
The chief priests, the scribes, and the leaders of the people, meanwhile,
were seeking to put him to death,
but they could find no way to accomplish their purpose
because all the people were hanging on his words.

Reflection (Sem. Randy D. Buquis):

     For me the cleansing of the temple tells us two things. First, it shows the human side of Jesus- he was offended and angry. Jesus reclaims the Temple as the house of prayer. This Gospel is very familiar to me since this is one of the Gospels that I need to reflect on, as one of my assignments in my spiritual direction. Simply because of my issue in expressing myself specially my anger.

     Anger that for me is difficult to express. But in reality anger is a normal part of our life. I remember in our foundation of spirituality two, I belong to the group of Anger avoidance style. According to the book “Letting go of Anger”, anger is a gift, a natural part of the human condition, but it isn’t easy to handle. Anger avoiders are scared of their anger. They don’t like the feeling at all. Anger feels bad, dangerous, nasty, and ugly. Anger is not a friend of theirs. In fact, they view anger as an enemy, something to avoid at all costs. This passage is my understanding of anger in my childhood life.

     Anger is part of all human beings. We aren’t complete without it. So when people become anger avoiders they destroy a big part of themselves. They are no longer whole. Anger does not destroy relationships – not when it’s handled well, as part of the natural order of things.

     Because I don’t like the feeling at all, just like anger is not my friends. Instead of recognizing it as a part of being a human as Jesus expresses it in the Gospel I just throw it away. That’s why the Gospel for tomorrow invites me to humble myself to express the anger because I am a human. That anger is not an enemy. It is part of me.

     Second, Jesus display of his authority in entering the temple. After cleansing the temple it might become a proper place for his teaching ministry in Jerusalem. For me it’s good to ask myself am I a temple of prayer or a temple of worldly things.

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