Accepting One’s Weakness

September 9, 2016
The Gospel Today
Friday of the Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time
Luke 6:39-42

Jesus told his disciples a parable:
“Can a blind person guide a blind person?
Will not both fall into a pit?
No disciple is superior to the teacher;
but when fully trained,
every disciple will be like his teacher.
Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye,
but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own?
How can you say to your brother,
‘Brother, let me remove that splinter in your eye,’
when you do not even notice the wooden beam in your own eye?
You hypocrite! Remove the wooden beam from your eye first;
then you will see clearly
to remove the splinter in your brother’s eye.”

REFLECTION (Sem. Eric Yabut)

How can I be a good example to everyone? Am I doing the right thing? How can I lead other people to Christ?
Reflecting on today’s Gospel has led me in asking my own self with these questions. Indeed, it is hard to guide a blind man if I am also “blind”. It is hard to remove one’s speck in his eyes, if I have a speck in my own eyes. It is hard to correct others from their fault knowing that I still commit the same mistake.

I remember a friend who keeps on telling me about the wrongdoings that I have done. He constantly reminds me about the things that I need to do in order for me to become righteous. I did not listen to him because deep in my heart I knew that he was doing the same mistakes. It was hard for me to believe in him because of his credibility.

Being a priest in process, I am in the process of purgation on how to become a good priest in the future and a better teacher to everyone. I am in the seminary formation in order for me, not just to become a preacher, but to also become a good example to everyone. This is an invitation for me to live out the words that will later come out of my mouth. To become a credible teacher, I must walk the talk; live out the words that I am proclaiming.

This is an invitation of Jesus to all of us on how to become like Him. Following the example of Jesus Christ requires humility and acceptance. Be humble in correcting others and accept the weaknesses of others. It is important to know that through Jesus, we are redeemed. Through the mercy of God, we gained the salvation.

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