Faith Heals

December 2, 2016
Friday of the First Week in Advent
The Gospel Today
Matthew 9:27-31

As Jesus passed by, two blind men followed him, crying out,
“Son of David, have pity on us!”
When he entered the house,
the blind men approached him and Jesus said to them,
“Do you believe that I can do this?”
“Yes, Lord,” they said to him.
Then he touched their eyes and said,
“Let it be done for you according to your faith.”
And their eyes were opened.
Jesus warned them sternly,
“See that no one knows about this.”
But they went out and spread word of him through all that land.

REFLECTION (Sem. Glicerio T. Tano)

In the Gospel, Jesus heals two blind men because of their faith in Him. This reminds me of my trust in myself before I became a seminarian. All my life, I have lived always trusting myself that I can overcome any trials that I encounter. Sometimes, however, I cannot deny that I feel like giving up in the middle of these trials. I have many frustrations that prevent me from moving forward.

Now that I am a seminarian, I experience trials that in my heart I don’t understand fully. I tell myself that I can do it, but in truth, it is really hard to fight this tendency to doubt myself. It’s hard to focus in formation with these struggles.

Before I entered the seminary, I can easily manage all and any trials that come my way. This is because these trials are impersonal and have no significant consequences. Anything goes. In the seminary, however, it is hard to decide because the consequence of making a mistake is high. My vocation is at stake here.
As I contemplate on this encounter, I realize that I must have faith to attain any goal in life. Every life-decision requires faith and the readiness to be responsible for the consequences. Most of the time I always look at the difficulty of the problem and this discourages me. These trials are just one of the things that I must go through as I continue my journey in this life. There are decisions which can make me happy, but sometimes they also make me sad. Trusting myself and embracing the consequences can heal me and it is one way of keeping the faith.

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