GLOW in the DARK

May 10, 2017
Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Easter
The Gospel Today
John 12:44-50

Jesus cried out and said,
“Whoever believes in me believes not only in me
but also in the one who sent me,
and whoever sees me sees the one who sent me.
I came into the world as light,
so that everyone who believes in me might not remain in darkness.
And if anyone hears my words and does not observe them,
I do not condemn him,
for I did not come to condemn the world but to save the world.
Whoever rejects me and does not accept my words
has something to judge him: the word that I spoke,
it will condemn him on the last day,
because I did not speak on my own,
but the Father who sent me commanded me what to say and speak.
And I know that his commandment is eternal life.
So what I say, I say as the Father told me.”

REFLECTION (Sem. Lloyd Anthony G. Pagulayan)

My niece and nephew are fond of glow in the dark stickers cast above their ceiling. They come in varying shapes, sizes and figures.What a stellar to behold at night!
However, in our lives, there is just one figure that can, should and must be glowing, that is of Jesus Christ.

When the glitters of the chandeliers of our successes no longer light up, the only bulb that would not be busted is that of God’s heart – His light would continue to radiate. When the headlights of our own vehicles of worldy pleasures dim, God’s light would be our guide in the dark road we are traversing. When our flashlight runs out of battery as we search for so many things, God’s radiance would guide us in the narrow yet accommodating path leading to Jesus Christ.

He declares, “I came to the world as Light.” Let us allow Him to illuminate in our lives and His inviting sparkle inspire not just us but the people who shares in the brightness of our presence.

In all these, may God be praised.

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